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When you register a domain at Dotster, you automatically get additional services, for FREE, such as email Forwarding, URL Forwarding, NameSafe and DNS Management.

  • URL Forwarding

    Dotster's URL Forwarding service can be used to automatically redirect visitors from one domain to another. Both masked and unmasked URL Forwarding are available.

    URL Forwarding Options:

    Masked URL Forwarding

    Prefer to not have a banner ad on your website? This service is identical to the Free Masked URL Forwarding service, except that it removes the banner ad from your website.

    Unmasked URL Forwarding

    Unmasked URL Forwarding forwards your domain to an existing URL, but displays the destination URL in the address bar rather than your domain name. This type of URL Forwarding service is popular with companies that maintain a large portfolio of domains they want to redirect to the same primary website.

    To add URL Forwarding to an existing domain, log into your Dotster account.

  • Namesafe

    Designed to provide the ultimate in domain name security, NameSafe prevents account ownership changes without email authorization from the account owner.

    NameSafe requires an email authorization from the Account Owner prior to any account ownership updates, nameserver updates, contact updates, and moving domains between accounts. As an extra safeguard, domains that use NameSafe are marked as locked within the Registry to prevent any type of Registrar Transfer.

    You can add NameSafe to an existing domain from within your Dotster account.

  • DNS Management

    DNS stands for Domain Name System and refers to how computers locate other computers on the Internet. Dotster web-based DNS Management lets you manage your DNS using Dotster's nameservers.

    Using Dotster Web-Based DNS Management and Dotsterís nameservers, you can add, remove, and edit Alias records (Host records), MX records (Mail Server records), NS records (Name Server Records), and CNAME records.

    If you own a domain at Dotster but want to host your website elsewhere, DNS management allows you to configure DNS Records to point your domain to the proper location. Using just your web browser, you have total control over the DNS records for your domain without the hassle or cost of maintaining your own DNS server.

    Access your DNS management tools within your Dotster account.