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When you purchase a domain name, registries require that your personal information be accessible via the international WHOIS database. That means anyone can look up your email address, name, address, and phone number.

Dotster's Domain Privacy blocks everyone from accessing this information by substituting our information for yours. If someone wants to contact you about your domain, we'll forward all requests to you without revealing your personal information to the requestor.

If you're concerned that your personal information will be made publicly accessible, you need Domain Privacy.

Benefits of Domain Privacy

  • Reduce spam from people who've accessed your information via the international WHOIS database.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft by replacing your name, address, phone, and email address with Dotster's contact information.
  • Receive a custom "Privacy Post" email address where inquiries regarding your domain can be easily filtered from other personal email.
  • Remain the registered owner of your domain even though Dotster's information is listed in the WHOIS database.
  • Decrease the chance that your domain can be stolen.

With Domain Privacy you're protected from more than just spammers and identity thieves. Consider this:

  • Families: Are you posting pictures of your family on your website? Do you want strangers who stumble across your site to be able to discover where you live? Domain Privacy isn't just about eliminating spam and postal junk mail; it's about protecting your privacy.
  • Businesses: Planning to start a new business at your domain? Domain Privacy conceals your corporate identity and protects your confidentiality.

You can add Domain Privacy (WHOIS Privacy) to current Dotster domains by logging into account management, selecting the domain, and adding the WHOIS Privacy product. For new domain registrations, add WHOIS Privacy during registration.

Note: Domain Privacy is ONLY available for .COM, .CO, .ORG, .TV, .NET, .INFO, and .MOBI domains.